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Are Chin Implants Safe and What Are They Made of?

Considering a chin augmentation? The popular cosmetic procedure enhances your chin, giving you a more defined and balanced profile. Are chin implants safe though? What are they made of?

Genioplasty, also known as a chin implant, is a cosmetic procedure that involves inserting an implant into the chin to enhance its size and shape. By defining the chin area, you achieve a more flattering and prominent face shape while retaining a natural look. While much of the spotlight in the cosmetic surgery world falls on the eyes, lips and cheeks, a chin augmentation can have a surprisingly transformative effect on your overall appearance.

Chin implants are considered safe when performed by a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon. When meeting your surgeon for your initial consultation, ask to see before and after images of surgeries they have performed. Do other client’s results reflect the results you desire? Are there any patterns that stand out to you, like implants that appear more prominent than expected or scarring? A good surgeon will find the balance point for each patient and take their time during surgery to ensure scarring does not mar the results.

During surgery, surgeons use sterile instruments and are required to follow strict surgical protocols to reduce the risk of infection, allergic reaction or other complications. The implant itself is made of silicone, which is considered to be biocompatible, meaning it is not likely to harm the body, cause a reaction or be rejected by the body.

Silicone implants are used because they are soft and pliable, similar to the natural tissue in your body. Silicone is ideal for implants in the chin (and other areas of the body) because it can be molded or shaped to match the desired contour of the chin. Silicone also has a proven track record as an implant; complication rates and infection rates are incredibly low.

As with any surgical procedure, there are potential risks or complications that patients should be aware of before undergoing surgery. Although rare, infection is possible at the incision site. Bleeding, swelling, bruising and implant displacement are all possible too. Depending on the desired outcome, patients should also be aware that the procedure may need to be repeated in the future to maintain results.

Chin implants made of silicone are a safe option for those wishing to enhance their appearance. Want to know more about chin implants? Dr. Christian Paquet is a Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon with a strong track record on chin implants. Call Biltmore ENT at (602) 560-1085 to learn more.