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Hearing Problems: Causes & Treatments

Your hearing health is vitally important to your quality of life. We all tend to take hearing for granted until we start to realize that we can’t hear as well as we used to – or when our loved ones start questioning our hearing. Rather than ignore your hearing loss, we encourage you to schedule a Hearing Evaluation with our experts at Biltmore Audiology & Hearing Aid Center. Hearing loss is not only frustrating for you but also those around you as they struggle to have meaningful conversations with you.  

Symptoms of Hearing Problems

Hearing problems often start slowly. Unless you are in an accident or experience trauma to your ears that causes immediate hearing loss, you may not realize your hearing is deteriorating. Here are some of the red flags to watch for:

  • Sounds are muffled
  • Trouble hearing in noisy environments
  • High pitch sounds are muffled
  • Difficulty distinguishing consonants
  • Voices are unrecognizable
  • Need to have people repeat things
  • Loved ones say your TV or radio is too loud
  • Loss of balance or dizziness
  • Ringing in your ear

As these symptoms intensify, this may cause you to withdraw from social situations and leave you with a feeling of isolation and depression. 

Possible Causes of Hearing Problems

During a hearing appointment in Phoenix with our experienced team members, we may discover that your hearing loss is simply due to a buildup of earwax. Removal of this earwax could greatly improve your hearing.

There are other reasons why your hearing might be impacted:

  • Damage to the tiny hairs or nerve cells in your inner ear (cochlea) that interrupts sound signals to your brain – this can occur due to aging or exposure to loud noise
  • Ruptured eardrum from a penetration injury, loud noise or infection
  • Growth or tumor in your ear
  • Ear infection
  • Genetic predisposition to hearing loss
  • Medications that damage the inner ear
  • Constant overexposure to loud environments without hearing protection

Our Services/Treatments

Our audiologists in Phoenix will make a treatment recommendation after we have fully assessed your condition and identified your severity of hearing loss. Click the links below to learn more about these services and treatment options:

You Have Questions: We Have Answers

When you come in for your appointment, we’ll cover commonly asked questions about hearing problems. We are trained to help answer such questions as:

  • Why am I having hearing loss?
  • How do I deal with hearing loss?
  • Is hearing loss serious?
  • Do I really have to wear a hearing aid?
  • Why do I have hearing loss in one ear?
  • Is ringing in my ear normal?
  • Can loud noise cause hearing loss?
  • And many more

More importantly, we can offer treatments and products to improve your hearing and quality of life. 

Our team at Biltmore Audiology & Hearing Aid Center is ready to help you check for hearing loss in Phoenix. Contact our office today at (602) 956-1250 or click here to request an appointment.

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