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Comprehensive ENT Care: Beyond the Basics at Biltmore ENT

At Biltmore ENT, we understand the role each of our body systems plays in your overall health and well-being. The intricate relationship between the ear, nose and throat, drives us to provide a comprehensive approach to their care.

Ear Disorders

Hearing disorders are the most common ear ailment we address, but our expertise extends well beyond that. Whether it’s congenital ear deformities that need to be surgically corrected, earwax buildup that needs to be cleared, vertigo that needs stabilizing or even an ear infection, we can restore your hearing and ear comfort.

Throat Problems

A sore throat, change in your voice or swallowing difficulties can be more than just a passing inconvenience. Surgery, balloon sinuplasty, laser treatment or vocal therapy can solve your hoarseness, banish your laryngitis or remove your vocal nodes, and more.

Nose and Mouth Conditions

The nose and mouth are gateways to our respiratory and digestive systems, so disruption to their function can have cascading effects on our health. Whether it’s chronic sinusitis, nasal obstruction or allergies, our ENT experts employ a variety of approaches to restore optimal function and comfort.

Head and Neck Issues

Biltmore ENT’s comprehensive care also includes diagnosis of head and neck conditions like sleep apnea and thyroid disorders. From snoring to cancerous tumors, our specialists can recommend the right combination of lifestyle changes, medical devices or surgery to address all of your head and neck concerns. 

At Biltmore ENT, we believe in going beyond the basics. We take a holistic approach that goes beyond treating symptoms; our goal is to treat the root of the problem so you can live your healthiest life.