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Do All Nasal Polyps Need to be Removed?

Nasal polyps are growths in the sinus cavity that are shaped like balloons or grapes. While usually benign, nasal polyps can cause a host of unpleasant symptoms. Some of these symptoms include breathing issues, a stuffy or runny nose, headaches, sinus infections and even loss of smell or taste. Treatment varies, but one option is surgery to remove the polyps. But do all nasal polyps need to be removed?

First, it’s important to understand what causes nasal polyps. Polyps in the sinus cavity are the result of repeated inflammation in the sinus and nasal passages. This can be due to a genetic predisposition or because of chronic conditions like asthma, allergies or immune disorders.

Because nasal polyps take time to develop (and turn into an ongoing problem), treatment options don’t usually start with removal. Instead, medicine is usually prescribed to reduce inflammation and the size of the nasal polyps. Sometimes, this can get rid of them completely. Some of these medicines are even available over-the-counter as nasal sprays such as Flonase, Nasacort and Rhinocort.

If these treatments don’t work though, nasal polyp removal surgery can be another option. This endoscopic treatment is done as an outpatient procedure. During the surgery, your doctor will use a small camera on a tube to see the polyps and then gently remove them. However, if your nasal polyps are caused by genetics or a condition that continually creates inflammation, like allergies, there is a chance that new nasal polyps will grow back. In that case, repeat surgery is likely to be needed.

Do all nasal polyps need to be removed? No. For many people who have nasal polyps, treatment with corticosteroid medicine is enough to shrink and even prevent nasal polyps from forming. For others though, surgery is an option to completely remove them, even if temporarily. Talk to your doctor about the best option for you.

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