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Haunted by Sinus Issues While Trying to Sleep!?

Picture this: it’s a dark and stormy night. You’re tucked in bed, sound asleep, when all of a sudden with a flash of lightning and a clap of thunder, you are awoken to…sinus pain and the inability to breathe through your nose. Yet again. Were you expecting something scary? For the many Americans who suffer from sinus issues while trying to sleep, there is nothing spookier than sinus symptoms showing back up when you least expect them to. Haunted by sinus issues while trying to sleep? Relief is possible!

Sinus issues have a wide range of causes, but there are a few telltale signs to warn you when a sinus problem is imminent. The clearest symptom is the inability to get a deep breath through the nose, followed by facial pressure or pain in the sinus areas. A cough, postnasal drip, or loss of taste or smell are also clues that it’s time to see a doctor, especially if your symptoms are reoccurring. While some sinus issues will go away on their own, others stick around until treated.

When you visit your doctor, they will determine the source of the inflammation or blockage in your sinuses. Deviated septum’s cause physical blockages, as do the swollen tissues that stem from allergies and nasal polyps that grow throughout the sinus cavities. If the sinuses cannot drain properly, a sinus infection is likely. Depending on the cause, your doctor will suggest an appropriate treatment option, including:

  • Septoplasty to realign the septum in the middle of the nose
  • Turbinate surgery to remove or calm swollen tissue blocking the sinus passage
  • Sinus surgery to remove scar tissue or nasal polyps
  • Balloon sinuplasty to open and flush the sinuses to treat chronic sinus infections

No matter the sinus issue that’s keeping you up at night, there is a solution. If you’re tired of dealing with sinus symptoms while you’re trying to get a good night’s sleep, it’s time to call the Ear, Nose and Throat specialists at Biltmore ENT. Our top physicians will work tirelessly to ensure that your sinus issues become a ghost of nights past. Call (602) 560-1085 or request an appointment on our website.