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Unlocking the Mystery of Vertigo: Biltmore ENT’S Comprehensive Approach

Vertigo can significantly disrupt daily life, but with proper diagnosis and treatment, those who suffer from it can find relief and regain control of their lives. If you are ready to unlock the mystery of your vertigo, here’s what you can expect.

To identify the root cause of vertigo, doctors take a holistic approach. First, you will be asked about the frequency, duration and characteristics of your vertigo episodes. You should also be prepared to describe any accompanying symptoms such as nausea, vomiting or hearing loss, that may help pinpoint the source of your vertigo. Then, your doctor will perform a complete physical exam to evaluate balance, coordination and eye movement. This information can assess the severity and impact of vertigo on your daily life, so that improvement following treatment can be measured. Finally, various tests may be conducted to diagnose the type and cause of your vertigo. Hearing tests, vestibular function tests, imaging studies or blood tests may be used to diagnose or rule out underlying medical conditions.

Treatment for vertigo aims to alleviate symptoms in your daily life, address the underlying cause of your vertigo and improve your overall quality of life. Treatment options are numerous and patients often respond best to a combination of approaches. Medications, such as vestibular suppressants, anti-nausea drugs or corticosteroids may reduce or alleviate symptoms. Vestibular rehabilitation can teach you exercises to improve balance and reduce dizziness by teaching the central nervous system to compensate for vestibular dysfunction. Repositioning maneuvers can treat certain types of vertigo that are caused by changes in head position. In rare cases where vertigo is caused by structural abnormalities or tumors in the inner ear, surgical intervention may be necessary to restore vestibular function. Additionally, lifestyle modifications, including dietary changes, stress management techniques and modifications to daily activities, can help minimize vertigo triggers and improve overall well-being. Vertigo has a negative impact on quality of life, but with proper diagnosis and treatment, you can effectively manage your symptoms and regain control over your daily life. Don’t let vertigo hold you back; call Biltmore ENT to schedule an appointment at (602) 560-1085.