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Why do I keep getting nosebleeds?

The occasional nosebleed is usually not anything to be concerned about, but recurring bleeds can be uncomfortable and worrying. If you keep getting nosebleeds, you’re probably wondering what the underlying cause is and how to find relief.

While generally harmless, recurrent nosebleed episodes can be indicative of an underlying health issue that may warrant more attention. Some of the underlying causes of nosebleeds include:

  • Dry air. Particularly in arid climates like the desert or during the winter months when you may be heating your indoor living area, dry air can cause the nasal tissues to dry out. This makes them more prone to irritation and the delicate blood vessels in the nose more prone to rupturing, leading to nosebleeds.
  • Trauma. Blows to the nose, nose picking or even forceful blowing of the nose can cause the blood vessels inside the nose to break. While usually a one off, nosebleeds can reoccur if the injury isn’t treated or excessive blowing continues.
  • Allergies. Hay fever can cause inflammation or irritation in the nasal passages. Constant scratching or rubbing of the nose in this sensitive state can lead to nosebleeds.
  • Infections. Sinus infections or even the common cold increase both blood flow and irritation in the nose, making you more susceptible to nosebleeds.
  • Structural abnormalities. A deviated septum or benign growths called nasal polyps can interfere with the normal flow of both blood and air through the nasal passages and sinuses. Surgical intervention may be required to correct the anatomical structure of the nose for long-term relief.

The good news is that if you suffer from recurring nosebleeds, there are preventative measures you can take both at home and under the care of a doctor to help. Adding humidity to the air you breathe, using nasal irrigation rinses and avoiding touching your nose are all non-invasive ways to prevent nosebleeds. An ENT specialist can also assess your condition and recommend appropriate treatments for your specific needs.

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